Boris for hire

After taking some well-deserved time off I am now looking for a new long-term employment in the consumer and/or technology industry space.

I have a proven track-record of successfully marrying deep technical knowledge with intelligent creativity for unusual solutions. Combining a PR tour with a consumer Retail tour won me the "Platinum Club" award at Microsoft - something you usually only get when you overachieve massively on your sales quota.

As a very curious person I always personally want to know how things work and how people think. Journalists describe me as trustworthy and competent. Coworkers come to me when they are stuck with unusual problems. Business partners like that I really can understand their point of view and try to bridge gaps between different business models. And every team I work with realizes that I ask the right questions.

Producing results on time and under pressure is my second nature - as an editor in chief of a monthly print magazine I lived and breathed the concept of dependable tight deadlines. I value commitments (and expect my coworkers to do the same).

Besides working with words, I also can run the numbers. Deep dives with Excel or Business Intelligence tools are enhanced by a natural "feel" for numbers. Often, I only need minutes to get a grasp on business models and cost structures. Proper interpretation of surveys and polls, reading a company report, looking behind the curtain are skills I have sharpened in my time as Business Development Manager. 

If something does not work out as planned, I am the first one to admit mistakes and warn others about not repeating them. When I once burned a six-figure sum on a marketing project that did not take off, I stopped it in week three of twelve, did not sugarcoat the results, saved as much money as possible and told my peers not to repeat my mistakes. This pro-active approach won me a small award too.

My ideal job challenges my mind every day. I like working with teams in person; while I enjoy thinking through some problems alone, I'd rather meet people face-to-face for discussions and brainstorming. Business Travel, even internationally, is not an issue and I am used to odd working hours. I am a very fast learner, and I am not afraid to do things I have not done yet.

I am loyal, honest, creative, and intelligent (IQ > 142). I can read and write computer code, I can do magic tricks, I can work in front of or behind a camera and I can really contribute and execute. See some of my work here: Marketingstories.

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