About Boris Schneider-Johne

Boris Schneider-Johne is one of Germanys "elder statesmen" of Videogames. Having started with C64 programming in the early eighties, he was editor and editor-in-chief at two of the most successful magazines in Europe, Power Play and PC Player. In 1986 he decided that these new point-and-click adventures could be translated and singlehandidly created a German version of "Murder on the Missisippi". This led to a job translating most LucasFilm Games titles, including "The Secret of Monkey Island" and overseeing localizations into French, Italian and even Hebrew. He also translated games and consulted for Electronic Arts, Interplay and Origin.

In 1997 he joined Microsoft to get away from videogames. The plan failed because he was hired into the Xbox team in 2001. Over a ten year period he held jobs like PR Manager and Product Manager, was deeply involved in the European launches of Xbox Live and Kinect (from the technical and localization side) and ran launch campaigns for titles like Forza Motorsports. He also did video shows for Xbox Live under his gaming nickname KugelBlitz.

2011 saw the move out of Xbox to the Windows Marketing team, leading a Windows 7 upgrade campaign, the Windows 8 and the Windows 10 consumer launch. For the "PC Life Tour", a unique concept at retail with a PR twist, he received the "Circle of Excellence Platinum Award" in 2013, the highest employee recognition at Microsoft.

Since July 2016 he works in the Microsoft OCP division in Partner Development, helping software companies to use the cloud (Microsoft Azure) for Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence projects. For queries in this area, please contact him at boriss@microsoft.com. All other queries should go to boris@dreisechzig.net.