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An Untold Secret

Von Boris, Do, 16. Jul 2009 00:04

It filled my heart with joy to see that “The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition” does use the german translation I wrote 19 years ago. It makes me proud that my small contribution to this game stood the test of time. Even when you can not see german texts in “Classic” mode, only in the updated version that I yet have to embrace fully. Call me old-fashioned.

It does fill my heart with sadness though, that I can not find myself anywhere in the credits. And these are long credits and they credit a lot of people, including the programmers of the PNG routines.

It is very funny though, that they mention a “John Schneider” from Enzyme as one of the four people working on the localisation. I know, it´s not me, but fate apparently has succeeded in playing a pretty good joke on me. I laughed!

Still, firing up the game, hearing the music and entering the Scumm Bar brought back a lot of very nice memories. Thanks Ron, Steve(s), Dave, Tim, Gary, Mike, Doug and all the others for an opportunity that still counts as “one of the best times of my life”.

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